Photo 31 Jul 445 notes friendlyatheist:


Very excited for the Cosmos reboot coming out in 2014 but mostly just really wanted this on my page.

Me 2

Me 3676748 (Probably, and hopefully, by this point.)



Very excited for the Cosmos reboot coming out in 2014 but mostly just really wanted this on my page.

Me 2

Me 3676748 (Probably, and hopefully, by this point.)

Text 31 Jul Fracking, Think About It.

Many, many anti-fracking comments I have read this morning. Did something happen last night?

I’ve only seen a handful of things on fracking, and most of them were fine. One or two dire bits though. However, if we stop the building of rigs, then protest the alternative, the last option is to invade an already established oil well by force, no? That, or watch as the price of cars, roads, paint, synthetic textiles, electronic devices, fuel, utility bills, and tax, all become physically impossible to afford, and the inevitable violence and chaos that would ensue.

Some environmental sacrifices must be made. Either provide an oil recovery method, look a kid in the eye and tell them you’re sending his parents off to die in a war, or clear enough trees to grow a ‘natural alternative’ that could supply demand. I dont know the answer, but I’ve learned the lesson conservationalists have learned protesting the ‘unnatural’ nuclear power stations and assisting global warming…

Text 24 May

Ok. I’ll update this soon enough, and with something worthwhile too.

Text 26 Aug A rant on the evils of fanaticism…

I hate football for the same reasons as I hate religion:

- too much money involved, unbalancing the economy and slowing societal progress to a stalemated halt;

- irresponsible idols and figureheads, that don’t care how negatively they can affect millions of people around the world with pathetic excuses for their actions;

- ignorant, blind faith and ineffably false patriotism toward a team which is supposed to represent their locality, but rarely does in terms of culture, behavior, demographic representation, political or any other acceptable basis;

- aggressive exclusivity: the infuriating use of the word “WE”; I have a great passion for music, but I certainly wouldn’t say “we played a pure geet class solo ‘n’ that last night, yous aal got raped by wor mintness”, and you’d think I was a dick for trying to pass another person’s skills and talents off as my own, or that I was somehow responsible for the performance.

- the indoctrination of the mentally vulnerable (ie, the young, the beta male, the outsider, etc. etc.) to abhorrent and sometimes violent racism, sexism, homophobia, paedophilia (“phwor, that lass aawa there is pure jailbait, another few years an’ it’s nice n legal!!” is not a rare thing to hear amongst football fans, but hear someone say it about a lad and it suddenly becomes the worst thing to say in public), and pretty much all of the worst aspects of humanity that we are trying to leave back in the Dark Ages.

- the misdirected hatred, which personally feels as though it stems from their own inadequacies. For example: note how when a bunch of lads are watching the footie on the tv in a pub, everyone always looks around at the others to see exactly how they are reacting and then they mimic and exacerbate to show off that they feel the same, if not more so. bless you, so unsure of yourselves that you must impress strangers or intangible ideals.

Well, there’s more to it than that even, I mean I haven’t even started on the ironies and hypocrisies that riddle football culture (and other sports, but not nearly as bad).

But more to the point of the post: I was brought up in North Tyneside, so never really came into contact with the whole geordie-mackem banter. I stopped watching football in 1994 when I totally lost faith in it and found the whole thing far too commercially prioritized to enjoy in any way. By the time I witnessed the brutal, near-fatal beating of a stranger, purely based on the team they support (by the way, normally decided by their parents, friends and locality for them, just like religion) I felt so sick of the regression the human race seems to be suffering due to the alleged sport.

Well, I don’t think it is a sport, there is little or nothing “sporting” about the damned game

As much as I have tried to open debate with more liberal fans that DON’T buy into the same behaviours as the gullible masses, with their zealous fervor that usually accompanies the enjoyment of watching A GAME (which, again I cannot fathom out why for myself), even they have a hard time defending it without just plain ignoring or denying that there is even a problem.

I normally get ignored as I don’t watch football anymore, but as Mr. Fry once said: “The spectator sees more of the sport”.

One thing to remind you all: It will never end. No one will win football, and no one will lose. It is a game. It is not a war. It cannot be won or lost. It is a game. Enjoy your game, but don’t be a waste of resources.

However, I now work over the south of the Tyne… Jesus, the accent gets annoying. I used to find it funny, but now it grates on me almost as must as hearing ignomany spew “we” so frequently.

- Col. Comedown (aka Dave)

Text 25 Aug A Cascade of Cynical Anxiety and Arrant Pedantry.

Hi, thank you for finding me. I have finally decided what to do with this here tumblr: to follow will be a collection of rants, outcries, poorly constructed critique and some witticisms dedicated to its own cause.

I hope you will enjoy, and I will try to keep it light… (yeah, right.)


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